Wedding ring brands

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Over 30 brands from manufacturers in Germany, Austria & Switzerland!

Looking for the perfect wedding ring? Designer Diamonds, with locations in Munich and Augsburg, is your ultimate destination for exclusive wedding rings. This renowned company offers an impressive selection of over 30 brands, carefully selected from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. At Designer Diamonds, you will find a unique variety of designs, ranging from classic and timeless to modern and innovative.

Whether you are looking for something unique or a traditional style, Designer Diamonds has something to suit every taste. The experts at Designer Diamonds understand the importance of your special day and therefore offer personal consultation to ensure you find the ring that perfectly reflects your love.

Not only the quality of the rings is exceptional, but also the customer service. With their expertise and passion for fine jewelry, the staff at Designer Diamonds guarantee that your shopping experience will be as brilliant as the rings themselves.

  • Fischer Wedding Rings

    Fischer Trauringe, established in 1919, offers high-quality wedding and engagement rings, known for innovation and craftsmanship.

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  • Collection Ruesch - Nowotny Brothers wedding bands

    Collection Ruesch offers timeless wedding rings and high-quality jewelry, perfect for life's special moments.

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  • August Gerstner wedding rings

    August Gerstner, a historic German family business, specializes in high-quality, crafted wedding bands.

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  • Steidinger Wedding Rings

    Steidinger Ringe, established in 1927, specializes in exquisite, handmade wedding rings, available at Designer Diamonds in Munich and Augsburg.

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  • Christian Bauer Wedding Rings

    Christian Bauer combines traditional craftsmanship with sustainability, offering exquisite, eco-friendly jewelry at Designer Diamonds in Munich and Augsburg.

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  • Corini Wedding Rings

    Corini GmbH crafts unique wedding rings combining modern design with
    tradition, emphasizing personalized service and ethical sourcing.

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  • Schwarz Trauringe

    Dive into Schwarz Trauringe's world, crafting symbols of love for over 90 years, merging tradition with modernity seamlessly.

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  • Sickinger Wedding Rings

    Sickinger Eheringe: Seit 1933 mit Liebe gefertigt, bietet individuelle
    Designs. Erhältlich in München und Augsburg bei Designer Diamonds

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  • Rauschmayer Wedding Bands

    Rauschmayer crafts unique wedding rings with love and quality. Designer
    Diamonds in Munich and Augsburg showcases their selection.

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  • EGF Wedding Rings

    EGF Manufaktur in Pforzheim combines traditional craftsmanship with
    love, sustainability, and social responsibility for special jewelry.

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  • Breuning wedding bands

    Breuning, a family-owned jeweler since 1927, blends traditional
    craftsmanship with modern innovation to create exquisite wedding rings.

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  • Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

    Entdecke das Erbe der Schweizer Eleganz von Furrer-Jacot mit exquisiten Eheringen und Verlobungsringen seit 1858.

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  • Rubin Goldschmuck Wedding Rings

    Discover Rubin Goldschmuck: Quality and love in wedding and engagement rings, sustainably and handmade in Germany.

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  • Kühnel wedding bands

    Kühnel Wedding Rings Jewelry combines love with craftsmanship, offering
    customized, quality rings and jewelry for timeless symbols of

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  • Saint Maurice Wedding Rings

    Saint Maurice specializes in wedding and engagement rings, combining
    traditional craftsmanship with modern design across various collections.

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  • Titanfactory titanium

    TitanFactory crafts titanium rings and jewelry symbolizing enduring love and personal expression, showcasing innovation and craftsmanship.

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  • Bayer Wedding Bands

    Wedding Rings: Traditional craftsmanship meets innovative designs. Unique wedding rings celebrating love and individuality.

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  • Linder Jewelry & Wedding Bands

    Linder Jewelry combines tradition with sustainability, crafting
    exquisite pieces symbolizing love, commitment, and ethical production

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