Saint Maurice Wedding Rings


Welcome to the captivating world of Saint Maurice, a pioneer in crafting wedding and engagement rings that symbolize love and dedication.


Learn about Saint Maurice's journey from a local jeweler to a beloved brand for couples worldwide.

Product Collections

Avantgarde Collection

Innovative designs combining geometric shapes with traditional gold craftsmanship.

Eternals Collection

Timeless elegance embodied in simple, yet profound designs.

Trust Collection

Sleek, minimalist designs for the modern couple.

Modern Carbon Designs

The future of wedding rings, blending modern materials with striking designs.

Colorful Gemstone Rings

Vibrant and unique, these rings add a personal touch to your love story.

Saint Maurice is forever

Saint Maurice: where innovation, quality, and timeless beauty converge to celebrate eternal love.

Saint Maurice rings are available in Munich and Augsburg at Designer Diamonds.