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  • You know what your perfect wedding or engagement rings should look like, but you can’t find them anywhere? We can design your ideas of the perfect wedding ring! It only takes five simple steps from your idea to your finished wedding or engagement rings.

  • Designer Diamonds: Deine Experten für Trau-& Eheringe. Auf dem Bild sind zwei goldene Eheringe zu sehen. Wobei einer mit einem Diamanten besetzt ist.
  • Designer Diamonds: Deine Experten für Trau-& Eheringe. Auf dem Bild sind zwei goldene Eheringe zu sehen. Wobei einer mit drei Diamanten besetzt ist.
Wir bei Designer Diamonds haben eine riesige Auswahl an verschiedenen Schmuckstücken. Egal ob Ohrringe, Ringe, Armbänder oder Ketten. Auf dem Bild sind zwei Eheringe mit Fingerabdrücken graviert zu sehen.

Design with us your dream wedding bands!

We design your perfect wedding rings with you. You can not only choose the design, but also your diamonds, the material, and the color. We can fulfill all of your wishes and thus create a wedding ring that is as unique as your love itself.

Designer Diamonds: Lass dich von uns unseren Läden in Augsburg und München beraten.

Step 1: Idea

First, you share your idea with us, preferably in an appointment at one of our stores in Augsburg or Munich, or via WhatsApp.

Together, we perfect your idea of your unique wedding rings. And choose a style for the ring.

Then we move on to step two.

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Step 2: Diamonds & Materials

In the second step, we choose together the perfect combination of materials. Whether it’s gold, silver, white gold, or rose gold, we can fulfill all your wishes.

Afterward, you can choose a diamond from our own diamond stock. We have a huge selection of top quality diamonds. We personally select each diamond in our stock. This guarantees the best quality.

If you prefer a colored gemstone instead of a diamond, we can also assist you with that. Here we have a vast selection of top quality gems.

Diamonds and gemstones are unique in their structures, hues, and shapes, adding even more individuality to your piece of jewelry.

This together forms the heart of your wedding rings and ensures they are truly unique.

If you don’t want a diamond or gemstone incorporated into your wedding rings, that’s not a problem either.

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Designer Diamonds: Wir designen dein neues Schmuckstück

Step 3: Creative and Design Process

In the third step, start the production of the wedding rings. We now translate our previous design into a 3D model. This way, we can give you an idea of the final appearance. These 3D models show the designed wedding rings from all angles.

We will refine your version until our 3D model matches your vision.

In this way, we aim to transform the draft of your self-designed wedding rings into a work of art.

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Bei Designer Diamonds kannst du dir dein Wunschschmuckstück designen lassen. Egal ob Verlobungsring, Eheringe, Halsketten, Ohrringe, Ringe oder Armbänder. Auf dem Bild ist ein goldener Diamantverlobungsring zu sehen.

Step 4: Final Design

If the 3D model appeals to you and you have no more changes to note, we begin the fourth step. With this, we finalize the design.

After finalizing the design, the 3D model is brought to life as the self-designed wedding rings now go into production.

Here the creativity and craftsmanship of the goldsmith are combined.

All materials and gemstones or diamonds are artfully joined together to create unique wedding rings in the end.

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Wir bei Designer Diamonds haben eine Auswahl an besonderen Materialien wie: Edelstahl, Titan, Tantal oder Meteorgestein.

Step 5: Your dream weddings rings

As soon as your self designed wedding rings are ready, we will call you or send a message. Whenever you find the time, you can now pick up the wedding rings from us and admire them.

Your selected materials and gemstones or diamonds form the cornerstone of a new phase in life and at the same time a memento that will survive generations.

And so, the big day of the wedding and the day of a new phase in life can finally come.

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