Our Diamonds – Guranteed conflict free

We have the most beautiful diamonds! At the best price, ethically mined and conflict-free!

Guaranteed Available

All our diamonds are guaranteed to be available.

What’s unique for Munich & Augsburg is our own diamond stock with GIA-certificates in various qualities and price ranges. So you can get engaged today or give someone a special present!

GIA, HRD etc. Certified

All our high-quality diamonds also come with certificates.

Only with us: The most beautiful diamonds

The beauty of a diamond cannot be determined by a paper certificate alone.

Because the assessment of its quality and beauty should not be forgotten. We therefore buy the diamonds directly from the cutters. This not only ensures top quality but also special beauty. Even if a diamond is certified, only 2% of those diamonds meet our quality standards.

Best Price Guarantee

All our diamonds are available at the BEST PRICE.

We even guarantee this with our “Best Price Guarantee”. Just visit us and bring us your best offer.

Cut, among other places, in Antwerp

Diamonds are cut all around the world.

However, we rely on the best cutters to obtain the finest diamonds – and that’s in Europe! Specifically, in the diamond capital of the world: Antwerp in Belgium. Not convinced? We even offer to fly with you to Antwerp, so you can see exactly where your diamond comes from and how it’s cut. Learn more about our Antwerp diamond journey, which we arrange upon request.

No Blood Diamonds!

Conflict-free Diamonds

Diamonds come from almost every continent in the world. As members of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, we adhere to all certification procedures. We also meet the requirements of the Patriot Act and the Kimberley Process (the resolutions of the United Nations). For those who are not 100% convinced, we even offer diamonds from Canada!

Our PLUS Guarantees!

Jewelers offering “conflict-free” diamonds limit themselves to the definition of the Kimberley Process, which defines conflict diamonds as diamonds that finance rebel movements against recognized governments. This means many diamonds tainted by violence, human rights violations, poverty, and environmental destruction are excluded. More and more people, therefore, pay attention to the origin of the diamond when buying a wedding or engagement ring.

We go beyond the current industry standards. In Augsburg and Munich, we offer conflict-free diamonds and a listed origin. We can trace and separate diamonds based on their origin. These suppliers must purchase diamonds from specific mine operators who follow internationally recognized labor, trade, and environmental standards.

In summary, our diamonds under the PLUS Guarantee are verifiably:

  • Diamonds do not finance wars
  • Human rights are respected
  • Responsible for environmental protection
  • Fair working conditions
  • Support for local projects
  • Proof of origin

Diamonds guranteed from Canada!

Protection of Human Rights:

We believe that diamonds should remain untouched by human rights violations, including child labor, forced labor, and violence.

Improving Living Conditions:

We are intensely working on improving access to diamonds that are mined in accordance with the basic principles of fair trade, offering fair wages and safe conditions.

Empowering Communities:

We believe we can promote long-term economic development by investing in communities affected by diamond mining, thereby improving access to education and healthcare.

Environmental Protection:

We believe diamonds should come from mines that operate according to the highest possible international environmental standards. They should protect local ecosystems and reclaim mining areas.

Traceability and Transparency:

We aim to improve transparency and traceability in the diamond industry. With blockchain, it is possible for us to trace back to the mine.

Europe’s First World Diamond Mark Dealer

Certified by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses’ World Diamond Mark and a member of the bourse in Antwerp.

Projects we support – From Bavaria to the world!

Kartei der Not (People in Dire Need)

Helps people in southern Bavaria who have fallen into distress through no fault of their own. And has been doing so for over 50 years. We support the foundation as a local company, to help those in need and to promote charitable projects.

World Vision

Is a Christian organization with 60 years of experience. We support children, families, and their communities in their fight against poverty and injustice, primarily through donations. We are especially proud of our sponsored child, Claudia, from Bolivia.

The St. Nikolaus Children’s Hospice

Is a place of refuge and recuperation for families with a terminally ill child. The hospice is funded by donations. We contribute to ensuring the permanent security of the facility, including through our latest Christmas campaign.

The Diamond Empowerment Fund

is a non-profit organization. Through it, we support initiatives that assist people in diamond communities around the world. We donate to individuals, communities, and society at large. Prosperity, stability, progress, and education are our main focuses.

Gut Aiderbichl

is a network of animal sanctuaries, currently comprising 26 farms and estates in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and France.To foster understanding between humans and animals. Because personal connections to animals and the ethical principles in dealing with them should be reflected upon.