August Gerstner Wedding Bands in München und Augsburg

Renowned for their exquisite wedding bands, August Gerstner represents the pinnacle of German jewelry craftsmanship. Available at Designer Diamonds in Munich and Augsburg.

Generational Legacy and Family Leadership

Now in its sixth generation, the family-led August Gerstner blends tradition with modern flair under the stewardship of Ines Vuillermin, Eberhard Auerbach-Fröhling, and Annelie Waldhier-Fröhling.

The New Machinery Hall at Seebergstraße

Step into the future with Gerstner's state-of-the-art machinery hall in Seebergstraße, showcasing their commitment to innovation in wedding band production.

The Craftsmanship of Wedding Bands

Discover the artistry behind each Gerstner wedding band, crafted with mastery and dedication to excellence.

Gerstner's Workforce and Company Culture

Gerstner's strength lies in its people. Emphasizing long-term employment, they foster a culture of expertise and passion in crafting wedding bands.

Commitment to Quality and Design

Gerstner sets trends in wedding band design, with a relentless pursuit of quality and aesthetics.

In short...

...August Gerstner is a legacy intertwined with love and craftsmanship, offering timeless wedding bands at Designer Diamonds in Munich and Augsburg.