Fischer wedding bands in Munich & Augsburg at Deisigner Diamonds

Fischer Trauringe in München und Augsburg

Founded in 1919, Fischer Trauringe, originally known as "Fischer & Sohn," is a prestigious family-owned company deeply rooted in the rich tradition of Goldstadt Pforzheim's jewelry industry. Celebrated for blending tradition with dynamic innovation, Fischer Trauringe is the go-to destination for high-quality wedding rings in Munich and Augsburg, offering exclusive collections at Designer Diamonds.

Diverse Collection of High-Quality Wedding Rings

Fischer Trauringe's diverse product range includes a variety of wedding rings, crafted with unparalleled quality and innovative design. Their selection features rings made from luxurious materials like gold (yellow, white, apricot, caramel, red, grey), platinum, palladium, and distinctive carbon. The style choices are vast, ranging from fancy and modern to simple and bicolor designs, perfect for those seeking wedding rings in Munich or Augsburg.

Unique Engagement Rings and Custom Jewelry

In addition to wedding rings, Fischer Trauringe offers exquisite engagement rings, including the renowned solitaire engagement rings and memory rings, available at Designer Diamonds in Munich and Augsburg. These rings feature a six-prong chaton setting, with customizable diamond sizes to make your engagement truly special.

Exclusive Jewelry Collection in Munich and Augsburg

Fischer Trauringe's jewelry line extends to decorative rings, stud earrings, pendants, and sets. The "Flora" collection, a particular highlight, presents rings with floral patterns, ideal for those with a romantic inclination looking for jewelry in Munich or Augsburg.

100% Made in Germany: Commitment to Quality

As a proud founding member of the "100% Made in Germany" initiative, Fischer Trauringe ensures each product, made in Pforzheim, meets the highest standards of craftsmanship, precision, and design. This commitment to quality is evident in their offerings at Designer Diamonds in Munich and Augsburg.

Personalized Wedding Rings with Fischer's Configurator

Couples in Munich and Augsburg can personalize their wedding rings using Fischer Trauringe's innovative configurator, available online or at Designer Diamonds. This tool invites you to become the designer of your dream wedding bands, ensuring a unique and personal touch.

Awards and Recognition

Fischer Trauringe's excellence in design and quality has been consistently recognized by independent institutions, further establishing their reputation as a leader in the jewelry industry in Munich, Augsburg, and beyond.

For those in Munich and Augsburg looking to find the perfect symbol of their love, Fischer Trauringe, available at Designer Diamonds, offers a blend of tradition, innovation, and craftsmanship that's sure to last a lifetime.