Ring Sizes

  • With our ring size guide, you can find out which ring size you have on each finger.

    This way, you can already estimate the correct ring size in advance and avoid subsequent size adjustments.

How do I measure my ring size?

To measure your ring size, we have created a downloadable PDF for you. This PDF contains a printable measuring tape. You can use this measuring tape to determine your ring size.

Print our PDF at 100% scale. Do not adjust the size. Once you have printed it, you can place a credit card or a driver’s license in the field at the bottom left to check if the size of the printout is correct. If the card fits inside the field, you can follow the four steps to determine your ring size.

Pdf Download

How to find out your ring size

After downloading and printing our ring size PDF, you are ready to determine your ring size.

Simply follow these four steps to find your ring size:

  • 1st step:

    Cut out the template. Place it on the finger where you’d like to wear the ring. You can also use some tape to secure the template and get a more precise measurement.

  • 2nd Step:

    Wrap the template snugly around your finger. Make sure you can hold the end with the listed sizes against your finger and place the end with the arrow on top of it.

  • 3rd Step:

    Now, adjust the template to the tightness that feels comfortable for you.

  • 4th Step:

    The number indicated by the arrow is your ring size. If the arrow points between two numbers, choose the smaller of the two sizes.

Measured your ring size?

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