Diamonds in special and fancy cuts (part 1)

  • Diamonds, Brilliant, Princess…??! At first glance, this might all sound weird and complicated, but with a little background knowledge, one can easily distinguish between the different diamond shapes (aka fancy cuts).

Rough Diamond

A diamond can refer to all the beautiful stones listed here. The diamond doesn’t come out of the earth beautifully cut and shiny, but as a rough diamond. The sizes vary from as small as a grain of dust (common) to as large as a fist (very rare).

The Oval Cut

The oval cut is also very popular. An oval diamond fits beautifully on the finger and even elongates it a bit visually. Am oval stone of the same size as a brilliant always looks a bit larger. Since there is no fixed standard for the exact shape of the oval cut, it is always better to see the diamond in person to truly appreciate its quality. We also have oval diamonds in Munich or Augsburg for you to view.

Princess Cut

Next there is the Princess cut. This refers to a square-cut diamond. It usually has 57 facets, but can have significantly more. Skillful cutting often makes it so that smaller inclusions are less noticeable in the Princess cut. The Princess cut is especially suitable for an Invisible Setting. In this method, stones are set edge to edge, and the straight edges of the Princess cut make it ideally suited for this purpose.

Heart Shape

We now have heart shaped diamonds in our store in Munich and Augsburg. This shape is much rarer, but with the right proportions, it’s a great alternative to the classic brilliant cut. The entire ring should be kept more understated to keep its elegant design. Once the ring is ready, we will post an update to introduce our new model to you.

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