Why a GIA Certificate and Excellent Cut Are No Guarantee That the Diamond Will Be Beautiful

Everywhere you read that a diamond must have a certificate. "Preferably one from GIA!" At Designer Diamonds in Munich and Augsburg, we have personally seen and evaluated tens of thousands of diamonds over the last 30 years. We are one of the few GIA-trained gemologists in Germany and master craftsmen. Therefore, we can definitively say: NO! A diamond certificate (no matter from which lab) is no guarantee that the diamond will be beautiful.

Why are GIA diamond certificates often not correct?

It should be added here that it's not just about GIA - HRD, IGI, EGL, AGS etc. all have the same problem: They are all just papers describing the basic data of a diamond. Similar to a car, for example, the color, horsepower, and interior. However, it says nothing about whether the car or the diamond will be beautiful, have fire and sparkle, or for example be milky.

Both cars on paper: Blue, 200hp, and leather interior
Although both cars are the same in terms of specifications, many problems only become visible upon inspection.
The same is with diamonds! Similar information on the certificate does NOT guarantee that the diamond will be the same or beautiful!
GIA Excellent Cuts are not the same and also never a guarantee that these diamonds are beautiful

As you can see in the example above, just like with the car, the specifications are no guarantee for a beautiful diamond!

Also, for example, diamonds can be milky:

Some diamonds are milky due to their crystal structure

Milkiness in diamonds is due to the crystal structure and i.e. has nothing to do with fluorescence. It is also not part of the Clarity Grade and is not displayed on the (GIA) diamond certificate.

Diamonds only from a trusted expert

Since diamonds with the same specifications do not mean the same quality, it is very difficult to find a beautiful diamond. Many online retailers often do not show photos, or state that these are only "example photos" to hide the poor quality.

Online retailers mostly sell just a piece of paper instead of a beautiful diamond! Lacking the necessary expertise, they lull potential customers into a false sense of security with certificates. 
Online retailers mostly do not sell beautiful diamonds

Is a GIA "Excellent Cut" not the best cut?

Here a clear NO! In general, the goal with diamonds is to get an ideal cut. This example shows that the diamond, with a Sarine Scan, would receive an EX Cut at GIA. At HRD and IGI, however, the certificate would only indicate VERY GOOD. Thus, you can see the different standards, which are not necessarily the best at GIA.

Only the Designer Diamonds IDEAL CUT guarantees the best diamonds

GIA is not the best certificate

Does GIA not guarantee the results of the diamond certificate?

No! GIA does not guarantee that the results on the diamond certificate are correct. This is even printed on every certificate:

"This report is not a guarantee or valuation"
GIA does not guarantee the results of the certificate

How is the GIA Excellent Cut determined?

The cut is determined by the mathematical properties of the table percentage, pavilion angle, and crown angle. Here, it does not matter what the final appearance is. As long as certain parameters are met, it is irrelevant for the certificate how this diamond looks.

A GIA diamond certificate is no guarantee for a beautiful diamond.

There are significantly more characteristics that influence the cut and appearance of a diamond. And an "Excellent Cut" is unfortunately no guarantee for that. At Designer Diamonds in Munich and Augsburg, we select diamonds based on over 30 criteria, ensuring our customers only receive the most beautiful diamonds at the best price!

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