The 10 most beautiful engagement rings

One of the most difficult decisions in a man's life is choosing the engagement ring for his beloved. To make this process easier and to provide some tips, here are the 10 most beautiful engagement rings.


The "Leyla" model is particularly elegant with the stone setting on the edge and the large diamond. Definitely a real eye-catcher!


The "Kim" ring model highlights the diamond in the center beautifully with its claw setting. Additionally, the ring is enhanced with side stones.


This "Pure" model is characterized by its large halo, which makes the diamond shine. Several small diamonds are also placed on the side, enhancing the effect.


A particularly popular model is the "Involuto". With its curved setting, the diamond is beautifully embraced and thus becomes the focal point.


The "Classic" model is always a good choice! With the simple silver ring and the claw setting, the diamond is the main focus of the engagement ring. You can't go wrong with this one.


The "Revolution" model shines uniquely with the many diamonds that sit on the edge of the ring. Definitely an eye-catcher!


The "Victoria" model is particularly elegant with a milgrain structure (from the French "millegrain"), which can be seen here as a beaded edge. Additionally, the sides are adorned with diamonds that converge towards the center.


"Louis" is reminiscent of classic engagement rings, but with a special ring shape and a chic setting for the diamond. Another model with which you can't go wrong.


The simple "Poseidon" ring is also always a good choice. With the three-claw setting, the diamond lies freely on the silver ring, making it appear particularly delicate and beautiful.


The "Venus" model is also a very good choice for the perfect engagement ring. Here, four claws enclose the diamond, making it shine.

Where does the solitaire ring come from?

The solitaire ring was made of platinum in 1886 by Tiffany & Co. It soon became the most popular engagement ring model. Instead of sapphires, diamonds are now set on the rings. Also, the gemstones are no longer hidden in the setting, allowing light to enter the bottom of the gemstone. The light entry makes the diamond appear even more brilliant and larger. However, a good cut contributes the most to the sparkle of the diamond. The surface is shaped into many tiny facets, wonderfully refracting the incoming light within the diamond.

Initially, the stone was held by a claw-like setting, known as the "claw setting" or "prong setting". The first solitaire models had settings with six claws. Nowadays, variants with more or fewer claws are also common. This type of setting was considered one of the most important of the 19th century.

In general, with engagement rings, "more is more"! The ring should be unique and worthy of the beloved person. Side stones on the ring are also more desired than often thought. Play with the color and shape of the ring. Engagement rings can be made of silver, gold, or rose gold, for example, and can even have multiple colors. You can also vary with diamonds. Diamonds come in different colors, cuts, and shapes.

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