Royal Asscher Cut Diamonds - The most imporant facts


What are Royal Asscher Diamonds?

The Royal Asscher company is best known for their very own Cut. The Asscher family business is cutting the worlds finest diamonds in Amsterdam for over 150 years already.

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What´s the story behind the cut?

Royal Asscher diamonds are beeing cut in Amsterdams Tolstraat since 1867. Already from the very beginning the company was in the hands of the Asscher family and best known for their very precise cutting of the worlds finest diamonds. That´s why in 1908 Joseph Asscher was the one who had the great honour of cutting the Cullinan diamond, the worlds largest diamond ever found in the rough. It had a weight of over 3100ct. Parts of this diamond are in the crown of Queen Elisabeth II.

What is so special about the Asscher Cut?

Not only is the company one of the few ones still cutting diamonds in Europe, it is also still in the hands of the same family. By buying a Asscher Cut one can be sure to acquire a diamond that is not only precisely cut but also coming from a company that stands for integrity and company values.

The Asscher Cut is a very special cut that brings out the best in the diamond. It´s unique shape is a one of a kind and combines the brilliance of a Brilliant Cut and the subtlety of a Emerald Cut. The cut is also not just a standard cut, here the diamond is cut with 74 facets.

Royal Asscher cuts

The “Royal Asscher Cut”

Almost a hundred years after inventing the original Cut, the design was reinvented. In reminiscence of the original Cullinan II diamond, 16 facetes where added.

The resultant 74 facet steep-cut square diamond is a beautiful example of perfect light reflection.

Royal Asscher Round Brilliant Cut

The Round Brilliant Cut adds even more sparkle to the popular Brilliant cut. A More on brilliance, sparkle, fire! With a total of also 74 facets the Asscher Brilliant Cut removes some of the darker elements seen in a traditional round cut stone.

Royal Asscher Oval Cut

This also very popular diamond shape was perfected by father and son Asscher. The result is a flattering and sparkling oval cut with very precise cut proportions.

Royal Asscher Cushion Cut

The Cushion Cut is a modern take of the vintage classic version. With facets added on the table and the bottom of the diamond it is exposing an extra of reflection and fire.

Royal Asscher Bridal Jewellery

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