Diamantreparatur & Umschliff

Re-cut & Repair of Your Diamond – Maximizing Value and brilliance and beauty for You!

Whether your diamond is damaged or you simply want an “upgrade,” we provide professional diamond re-cutting by German and European diamond cutters. This process is carried out using the most advanced equipment following an analysis by our GIA Graduate Gemologists and HRD Rough Diamond Planner.



For this diamond, we performed a re-cut to enhance the cut quality, fire, and brilliance. Also the Hearts & Arrows pattern is now more visible.
Carat: 1.00
Color:  J
Clarity: VS1-2
Cut: Fair-Good
Symetry: Fair-Good
Polish: Very Good


After Recut

After the re-cut, the cut quality, fire, and brilliance have been significantly improved. Hearts & Arrows can now be partially recognized with the naked eye.
Carat: 0.90
Color:  J
Clarity: VVS-2
Cut: Excellent
Symetry: Very Good
Polish: Excellent


Click here you can download the complete details of the recut with further info.

Repair for a new brilliance and for the next generation!

Would you like to have your diamond or gemstone re-cut after a break for repair or simply to enhance its beauty? We are happy to advise you in Munich and Augsburg on diamond re-cutting!

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