The diamond certificate - Do I really need it?

A diamond certificate is like its ID card! When buying, it is not just about the beautiful gemstone jewelry, but also about its identity. Such a certificate also provides information about the origin and value of the diamond. Therefore, having a certificate for a diamond is quite important. However, even a certificate cannot explain the true beauty of a diamond. We explain why this is the case and give important tips for buying.


What is a Diamond Certificate?

A diamond certificate, or diamond dossier, is an evaluation by an autonomous institute. The appraisers of this institute examine the diamond very closely. Or rather: under a microscope! The gemstones are examined based on specific criteria, and it is determined how valuable the diamond is in the end. Specific characteristics must be evaluated, such as the shape, color, purity, or clarity of the gemstone, as well as the carat weight and cut.

Diamonds are among the noblest materials in the world. Therefore, it is especially important to precisely define this internationally traded good. It is crucial for us to provide only the best gemstones. A high level of quality control is therefore indispensable. Moreover, we only offer certified diamonds from conflict-free zones, such as Canada, with GIA, HRD, and other certificates with a very good international reputation. Thus, we offer you the best certified quality for your diamond.

What Information Can I Find on a Certificate?

Generally, a gemological certificate includes the following information:
Additionally, you will find the following information about the diamond:

  • Fluorescence
  • Diamond polish
  • Certification date
  • Diamond dimensions
  • Stone symmetry
  • Hearts & Arrows
  • If applicable, flaws or special characteristics are noted

Why Should I Pay Attention to the Certificate When Buying Diamonds?

A certificate primarily provides security! It ensures the authenticity and value of the diamond. You always have proof of the stone's quality. Suppose you want to give the jewelry as a gift, pass it on, or sell it later. For this, an appraisal is absolutely necessary. Therefore, you should never buy a diamond without a certificate!

Additionally, you should be aware of where the certificate comes from. After all, you want to be sure that it is from a reputable institute. In case of doubt, you can always rely on GIA, HRD, or Canada Mark. The certificate should also be up-to-date and contain all important information.

Our Tip: Ask Questions!

If you are unsure, seek information from your trusted jeweler. You can also obtain a professional opinion personally at Designer Diamonds, whether in person or online.

Why Can't Any Certificate in the World Truly Describe a Diamond?

A diamond certificate covers the most important information about the gemstone. However, there are characteristics that are not measurable. These characteristics can only be seen under a microscope or even with the naked eye.

Both diamonds have the same values in their certificate. Where is the difference?

The diamond certificate can, for example, only include excellent ratings. Yet, stones with the same rating often differ in price! So, you might think you've gotten a bargain with the cheapest diamond. After all, the diamond on paper is the most beautiful of all, right? Not quite! The certificate does not convey beauty. For those who look closely will recognize that the diamond, despite the good values, does not look the same as other gemstones with the same rating. The stone may be milkier than the others. It can also happen that the diamond has a tiny flaw in its clarity, which is reflected hundreds of times in the stone. Thus, a small spot becomes ten small spots visible to the naked eye. However, the same diamond can still have an excellent certificate.

How Can I Tell if the Appraisal Belongs to My Diamond?

If you have found a reputable jeweler, you can usually be sure to receive an authentic certificate. In case of doubt, you can always get a second opinion. A gemologist can check the affiliation with their trained eye. Therefore, choosing the jeweler should be done carefully.

Do You Already Have a Diamond WITHOUT a Certificate?

Or is your certificate already outdated? Find out if it would be worthwhile to create a new appraisal. This can give you the necessary security about the value of your diamond.

What Certificates Are There?

The number of appraisers for diamonds seems endless. However, there are some globally recognized institutions where you can be sure of quality. It is important that international standards apply to these organizations. Additionally, all our high-quality diamonds are accompanied by certificates.

Our diamond certificates come from:

  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • Hooge Raad voor Diamant (HRD)
  • CanadaMark
  • World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB)
  • Kimberley Process (KPCS)
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