5 ways to carry rings to the altar

In addition to much planning for rings, cakes, bridal gown, venue, and guest list (if only it were that easy), the ring bearers must not be overlooked! Because even such small but important moments remain in memory and contribute significantly to the "most beautiful day in life". Here are some great ideas to inspire your big day!

The Classic Way

Of course, the classic ring pillow is always the simplest. There are no limits to the imagination, whether it's a simple white pillow or an embellished, colorful one.

In a Ring Box

To make the mystery surrounding the wedding rings even greater, ring boxes are a great option for the journey to the altar - plus, the contents are less likely to get lost! Ring boxes come in many shapes and colors, so there's something for every taste!

In a Flower Basket

A particularly sweet idea is to place the rings in the flower baskets. Just be careful that the rings don't get scattered with the flower petals!

Carried by a Pet

If you love your pet dearly, you can also entrust it with the task of carrying the rings.

Not at all?!

What would a perfect ring pillow be without the perfect bearer? When choosing the ring bearer, it is crucial to ensure that they can handle the job. That goes without saying:

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