Solitaire Ring – What is the secret behind this classic?

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Solitaire Ring – What is the secret behind this classic?

The solitaire ring is considered the most famous diamond jewelry. It is also often used as an engagement ring. A classic solitaire ring consists of a brilliant-cut diamond. As well as a claw setting. Due to the special cut, the diamond sparkles particularly beautiful. The ring has its name from the French. Solitaire means loner. So a single diamond is the highlight of the jewelry. In addition, the gemstone symbolically represents the chosen one(s). The model is considered THE engagement ring par excellence. To this day it is considered classic and yet unique. The solitaire ring is worn as a piece of jewelry for a lifetime. For example, as a clip-on ring to the wedding ring. Just as he is worn individually a real eye-catcher. Both on the ring finger, as well as on each other.


Where does the Solitaire Ring come from?

The solitaire ring was made of platinum by Tiffany & Co. in 1886. Soon it became the most popular engagement ring design. Instead of sapphires, diamonds are now placed on the rings. In addition, the gemstones are no longer hidden in the setting. This allows light to enter at the bottom of the gemstone. The light incidence makes the diamond appear even more shiny and larger. However, a good cut contributes most to the sparkle of the diamond. One forms the surface into many tiny facets. Thus, the reflected light breaks wonderfully in the diamond.

Initially, the stone was held by a claw-like setting. Which is known under the term “claw setting”. The first solitaire models had settings with six claws. Nowadays, variants with more or less common. This type of setting was considered one of the most important of the 19th century.

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